RTO Code: 40577

Training Evolution is a Registered Training Organisation (40577) that provides the most up to date accredited courses, short courses and resources. Large numbers of individuals and organisations from all over Queensland are moving to Training Evolution to take advantage of the quality of our systems, product and service levels. We have invested heavily in developing our Training Consultants to current industry standards and offer a wide range of courses in Business, Accounting and Hospitality. We strive to partner with you and organisations to enhance staff development and provide training solutions that are flexible and tailored to your need


Training Evolution excels in five key areas

Innovative Training

  • We have highly qualified Training Consultants delivering a range of accredited courses to industry.
  • Training Evolution is dedicated to helping learners reach their own personal and professional goals and have a genuine interest in the participant completing.
  • Training Evolution was established with the objective of developing multi-skilled professionals, taking training out of the traditional confines of a classroom and placing it back into the industry that it serves.
  • Training Evolution’s Trainers are always participating in professional development to ensure they are always meeting current industry standards and trends. This ensures that the training provided to you or your organisation is current and relevant


Ongoing Customer Service

  • We pride ourselves on “Quality not Quantity” and have gained much industry recognition and trust for the services that we provide. 
  • Flexibility, availability and reliability are some of the core values of the organisation. These are reflected in the success of the projects undertaken
  • Experienced Training Consultants and Management are always available to provide a full service to you or your organisation.
  • Regular updates on all your employees progress are provided on a regular basis for Workplace Traineeship/Apprenticeships.


Wide Range of Courses on Offer

  • Training Evolution consists of a number of specialised departments – each servicing the different needs of industry including Business and Accounting and Hospitality. We provide training in Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diplomas qualifications.


Simple, Seamless Training Solutions

  • Training Evolutions Training Consultants are with you or your organisation from the sign up to completion. A reliable partnership is formed from the beginning.
  • Ongoing, regular onsite presence to provide training to you or your employees, usually it is expected that your designated Training will be there every eight weeks to maintain the organisations and the participant’s satisfaction.
  • Block training can be undertaken in full commercial kitchens for participants undertaking Certificate III Hospitality (commercial cookery)
  • When it’s easier to sign up, use and understand, organisations and participants feel more comfortable with Accredited Training this means increased participation and satisfaction.



  • We offer a more comprehensive service and add real value to you or your organisation.
  • With access to Government Funding incentives and User Choice arrangements Up-skilling is cost effective.